About Numbers Matter 123

“Innumeracy is a huge problem in America with far reaching consequences. Teaching children how to think logically and problem solve is a literacy that’s as important as learning how to read and write.”

Morgan Patterson, Singapore Math Trainer and Owner of Numbers Matter 123

In 2006, Morgan Patterson founded Numbers Matter 123, a math consulting and tutoring firm in Austin, Texas. Numbers Matter 123 specializes in Singapore Math, a highly effective math program that integrates concepts and skills using a concrete to pictorial to abstract progression and emphasizing problem solving. We offer Singapore Math inspired arithmetic products, local and national teacher workshops, parent education seminars, implementation and customized training, homeschool classes and after school Singapore Math programs. Additionally, we provide individual tutoring lessons subject to limited instructor availability.

Morgan Patterson is an experienced Singapore Math trainer who discovered the Singapore Math methodology in 2001 as a middle school math teacher, and piloted the math approach in both the classroom and individual tutoring sessions. Because this way of teaching math engaged the students and consistently demonstrated conceptual understanding and math content mastery, Morgan chose to specialize in Singapore Math. This program produces the top performing math students in international tests. Because it is firmly rooted in the established learning theories of Jean Piaget, Jerome Bruner, and George Polya, it’s effective for all types of learners, develops positive attitudes towards math, and builds a solid elementary math foundation that is necessary for future success in math.

One of the biggest challenges in implementing the Singapore Math program is reaching students who were passed on to upper elementary and beyond without a solid foundation in number sense, never mastered their math facts, and were struggling to learn math at grade level. To address the nation-wide problem of achieving math fact fluency, Numbers Matter 123 developed and piloted a system of leveled math fact cards based on Jerome Bruner’s method of teaching in a progression of concrete to pictures to abstract, with much success. The fact card system, called Shiny or Rusty: Math Facts the Singapore Way is a series of nine decks of pictorial, strategy-based fact cards, and a corresponding set of iPad/iPod apps, intended for use in both the classroom and at home. This fact fluency program serves as a safety net in lower elementary school grades so that all students learn arithmetic strategies and master their math fact and serves as intervention math recovery program for students in upper elementary who never mastered their math facts.