Morgan Patterson, Singapore Math Consultant and Elementary Math Specialist

Although it now seems plain to her that she was destined to become a teacher, Morgan Patterson did not arrive at her destination by the most direct route. She is the daughter of a dedicated teacher whose skills she deeply admires. As a child, she visited her mother’s 1st and 2nd grade classroom regularly, and loved to help out. But she also loved math and science, and it was this interest that led her, at the age of 17, to pursue a double major in Management Information Systems and Marketing at the University of Texas. Upon graduating, she began her professional career as a software analyst.

Morgan spent eight years with various software product companies in the fields of analysis, programming, technical writing, customer training, and support. But later, as a mom with three young sons, she realized she had another calling: She wanted to teach, and knew that for her no job other than being a mom could be more rewarding. To pursue a career as a math teacher, Morgan completed a post-baccalaureate Master Math teacher certification program.

Morgan has enjoyed over 10 years of teaching experience in both public and private preschools, elementary schools, and middle schools. It was as a classroom math teacher that Morgan first discovered the Singapore Math methodology. Given its sound research base and extraordinary success in transforming all kinds of learners into very capable, confident math students, Morgan chose to specialize in Singapore Math instruction.

Today, Morgan is a passionate speaker on the topic of math literacy and specifically on primary mathematics instruction using the Singapore Math methodology. Morgan, a trained and experienced practitioner in Singapore Math instruction, provides Singapore Math teacher training for both public and private elementary and middle school teachers. Morgan has implemented Singapore Math in schools across the country including an all dyslexic school. In addition to professional development consulting, Morgan remains active as a classroom teacher and tutor where she continues to develop classroom proven techniques, effective math teaching strategies, and Singapore Math products.

In 2006, Morgan founded Numbers Matter 123 LLC, a math consulting and tutoring company in Austin, Texas that specializes in Singapore Math fact fluency products, teacher training, home school math classes, and individual and group Singapore Math lessons.