Numbers Matter 123, LLC specializes in educating and training elementary school teachers, home school educators, and parents in teaching math with the Singapore Math methodology. We believe that the Singapore Math methodology, based on teaching concepts through the concrete, pictorial, and abstract learning stages, allows for a deep math understanding of the WHY behind math rather than just the procedural HOW of applying math rules. We teach the WHY before the HOW.

This methodology is highly effective for a wide spectrum of learners: the concrete thinkers, the semi-concrete thinkers, as well as the abstract thinkers. Because Singapore Math students acquire math strategies and think instead of using rote, meaningless rules, they engage in the math, are successful in it, and develop into adept problem solvers who actually enjoy the productive struggle of math.

Our Singapore Math trainers have strong math backgrounds and have years of Singapore Math teaching experience in a variety of settings: classrooms, after school programs, individual and small group tutoring lessons, and summer programs. Additionally, over the past five years, our trainers have implemented Singapore Math in numerous schools across the country.