After School and Summer Singapore Math Programs

Numbers Matter 123, LLC offers on-site after school and summer math programs that provide math intervention for upper elementary students who did not acquire a solid early elementary math foundation. These students, who are “stuck” in math, are unable to progress due to foundational gaps. They fell behind in math because they lack critical foundation in number sense, arithmetic strategies, math fact fluency, place value concepts, and problem solving strategies. Additionally, they have not developed the ability to process multi-step problems or good work habits to support their thinking.

All students benefit from the Singapore Math method but it is particularly effective with students who have math difficulties because learning moves gradually from actual objects to pictures and finally to symbols. It’s also very effective in catching up students who fell behind in math due to ineffective math instruction that was not suitable for their visual and concrete learning style. Furthermore, students who experience this sequence of instruction transition well into algebraic thinking and have less difficulty learning algebra.

Please contact us to inquire or enroll in our summer or afterschool math programs.