Teacher Training

Our teacher training is based on teaching math for comprehension! To attain comprehension and mastery in math concepts, skills, and topics, teachers learn how to teach using a concrete to pictorial to abstract approach that is based substantial research conducted by Jerome Bruner and Jean Piaget. Emphasis is placed on teaching within the context of posing a problem so that teachers learn to question effectively to build process and high level thinking skills.

Teachers receive in depth coaching and extensive modeling to learn how to teach with manipulatives and coach with strategies in their classrooms. It is through this Singapore approach of questioning and engaging students with manipulatives that students learn to visualize and gain a deep conceptual understanding rather than memorizing math without seeing the pattern/model upon which the rule is based. Once teachers shift to teaching math for comprehension, they see the light bulbs go on for the students and get excited about teaching math the Singapore way! Teachers love learning about new visual tools that help the students see the concepts including the manipulatives that are unique to Singapore Math such as number relationship cards, place value strips, number trains, and number bracelets.