Implementing Singapore Math In Your School

We provide customized implementation services for schools adopting Singapore Math and transitioning from other math programs. We customize our Singapore Math adoption training based on the school’s needs and budget. Because schools have budget constraints, we design our training program based on what the school can afford in phases. Implementing Singapore Math is a multi-year undertaking and can be transitioned in over time as budget permits. We recommend a rolling grades adoption so that grades kindergarten through 2nd are implemented initially to build a solid early elementary foundation. Then, grades 3 and up are added each year to give upper elementary teachers ample time for Singapore Math professional development that includes specialized training for number sense and math fact intervention.

During this first phase of the implementation, we also set arithmetic intervention goals for students in upper elementary who have weak number sense, little math understanding, and are not fluent in their math facts. We’ve developed a specific product, “Shiny or Rusty: Math Facts the Singapore Way” to catch these students up so they can successfully transition to the new Singapore Math program.

We’ve found that a combination of whole group teacher instruction, grade level teacher instruction, and on the job/in the classroom modeling and coaching to be highly effective mix in equipping teachers with the strategies, knowledge, and confidence they need to successfully shift to the Singapore model of teaching math.