Supplementing Singapore Math in Your School

If you are unable to replace your current math curricula, the unique and highly effective features of Singapore Math can be used to augment and strengthen your existing math program. Many schools have successfully supplemented with Singapore Math for its strong number sense and arithmetic base that gives their students a solid elementary math foundation without gaps.

Our product, Shiny or Rusty: Math Facts the Singapore Way, is true to the Singapore Math methodology and designed to layer with the Singapore Math programs. For American schools, this product is a way to ensure a math fact fluency safety net in lower elementary schools that is not part of the core Singapore Math programs and to provide math fact intervention at the upper elementary level due to the lack of a structured fact fluency program. It is critical that students attain math fact mastery at the appropriate elementary grade level so they can be successful in middle school math and beyond.

Additionally, schools often supplement with a powerful problem solving tool developed in Singapore, called Bar Modeling. This method of approaching word problems allows students to turn word problems into special pictures using rectangles or bar model diagrams that illuminate the relationship in the problem so that the student can successfully solve it.