Shiny or Rusty Math Facts Workshop Series

Because there are many students in upper elementary who have weak number sense and are not fluent in their math facts, we install our Shiny or Rusty: Math Facts the Singapore Way with every new Singapore Math implementation. These fact cards and apps, the necessary layer used in conjunction with the Singapore Math curricula, ensure that every student learns his or her math facts before middle school. The Shiny or Rusty cards and apps are also used in lower elementary as the safety net to ensure that every child leaves grades 1, 2, and 3 with math fact mastery.

Our workshops train teachers how to effectively teach math facts for mastery using the CPA (concrete to pictorial to abstract) Singapore Math approach, coach arithmetic strategies, assign the right kind of practice in class and at home, and observe their students’ arithmetic progress.

Teachers use number sense manipulatives and specially designed math fact cards with pictorial solutions to help students figure out their math facts by learning efficient number relationship break apart strategies. Teachers are provided with lots of effective math practice sheets that leveled, are written across so that students can draw out their number relationship picture strategies, and are scaffolded with guided practice examples. To keep math practice fun, teachers will learn how to practice math facts not just with the fact cards but with other hands on activities that students love!

Click here to download our Shiny or Rusty: Math Facts the Singapore Way Workshops for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

Click here to download our Shiny or Rusty: Math Facts the Singapore Way Intervention Workshops for 3rd through 5th grades.